World Farriers Association
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World Farriers Association
P.O. Box 6564
Albuquerque, NM 87197-6564


  • Promote and facilitate the exchange of information between and among farriers
  • Promote and assist in the education of farriers
  • Provide advice and counsel on footcare and farriery matters to farriers and allied professions
  • Provide advice and counsel to the horse industry
  • Foster and promote liaison between farriersand equine veterinarians
  • Assist interested parties in forming and running farrier associations, organizations, or societies, and provide assistance to fledgling organizations through an adoption scheme
  • Develop educational standards for footcare andfarriery for students, instructors, and schools
  • Foster exchange of farriers and apprentices
  • Encourage international trade of materials used by and available to farriers, especially in developing countries
  • Encourage international farriery competitions for all skill levels
  • Assist and participate in footcare and farriery related research
  • Develop and implement standards for terminology, processes, procedures, and titling for competitions, publications, and other similar activities

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